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As we welcome this new year of 2021 with open arms, we thought we would share some images of projects we were fortunate to be a part of in 2020.  While many were detrimentally affected by the pandemic, the residential construction industry found itself busier than ever.  We feel extremely blessed to have been called upon by so many gracious clients who invited us into their homes while they worked from home and navigated their way through distance learning while we made a bunch of dust and noise.  Our appreciation goes to all of these clients who extended their patience to our team as we dealt with supply chain issues and our frantic schedule as we pushed hard to help as many clients as possible.  Unfortunately, there were projects we had to turn down in order to provide our best work to our customers.  Our mission at Houseworks has been and will continue to be to build with quality in order for our customers to enjoy their spaces for years to come.  

A couple of notes about the photos below: some of these may end up in another section of the website eventually.  For now, we just wanted to get them out there so you can see what we were up to in 2020.  And, they are not organized chronologically but are grouped together when there are multiple photos of the same project.  So, it reads like a run-on sentence, ... my apologies. Many of these were taken during the process with a phone camera and we aim to go back in the Spring to take better photos with the projects in a lived-in state.  You will notice the first 11 photos are quite good and we need to thank Nathan Webb at Longhouse Architects for providing those gems. Enjoy, and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2021!

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